A Brief Treatise Toward Peckish

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Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:35 am

Cuisine and the pursuit of taste are by nature amongst the most paramount of refined vices, as the stomach branches boldly forth into the mind. A simple meal evolves to inspire expression through science, philosophy, even the intangible spirituality.

Without quoting Brillat-Savarin or the charmingly pretensious MFK Fisher at any length, it suffices to say that food is our common thread in life, and that at whatever level of appreciation, we take a measure of common solace and sustenance in our repast. Does not the brute's belly enjoy the Big Mac as much as I my Venison in Burgundy? Perhaps (not).

It is fair to say that not every encounter with the edible need be elaborate, gawdy or obligatory, so long as it is appreciated. Refinement is, in part, a measure of one's own appreciation, is it not?

Often, the miracle of digestion has previously committed to a large caloric intake of drink, which creates an ideal window for the "cocktail bites" as they are known in the American lexicon. Filling the gastronomic gaps, as it were. This lends to rich foods which:

*Taste exquisite paired to the libation.

*Promotes a joyous, convivial attitude of shared taste experience.

and most importantly

*Creates a buffer for the further enjoyment of fine spirits.

Allow me to put out a virtual spread for your perusal.:

We'll be having smoked Riga Sprats with rye crackers and freshly prepared horseradish. Moving on to your left... An alderwood smoked salmon with Tellicherry Peppercorn, lime zest and chopped cilantro. Ahhhhhhh, yes. The Cheese Plate: you'll find Morbier and a triple creme brie, a nice domestic St. Pete's Blue with poached pear and black walnuts, some shards from the heart of a 40 kilo wheel of Parmasano Reggiano which you might care to dip in the fig molassas, and a 14 year old block of Wisconsin aged cheddar just waiting to pucker your cheeks with sharpness.

Felling a bit peckish, then?

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