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"I feel the time has come for the establishment of a society which would gather and dismiss modern trends whilst wearing the whale skin fez of the order. Diamond buttoned wing chairs and cigars would be mandatory. - Sir Prospero Lext"

1) The forums

1.1) The Drawing Room: This is the place for general conversation. You can also post here about other liquors that is not rum or whiskey.

1.2) Rum Cellar: All rum related conversations should be had here.

1.3) Whiskey Cellar: All whiskey related conversations should be had here.

1.4) The Humidor: All cigar conversations should be stored in this walk-in room. Please alert the moderator if the humidity reaches critical levels.

1.5) Feedback: Report any problems or post suggestions and opinions here.

Keeping our heads together: When replying to a topic try to think of what you can contribute to that topic and try not to cause negative arguments and refrain from directing negative comments to other members. It is not good to always have the last word in every subject - compromises, healthy and polite conversation are the keys.

2) While we are not grammar nazis, it is always advisable to doublecheck your spelling.
3) Before posting a new thread, please search the forums to see if a thread about the subject is already posted to avoid multiple topics on the same subject (it can get a little confusing if there are lots of threads about the same subject).
4) If you find your thread or post has disappeared it was probably deleted/moved/merged by a moderator or because of some horrible database accident. Check your PM inbox for possible reasons or contact the administrator.
4.1) Do not reply to spam threads. These threads will be deleted and your post will be lost.
4.2) If you have a problem with a member, do not start a thread about it or fight in a thread. Solve your problems with the private messaging system. Threads or posts containing such material will be fed to the lions.
5) It is recommended you are comfortably seated on a big leather recliner while reading these forums.

5.1) It is also recommended you have a glass of aged spirits nearby.
5.2) Remember to wear a fez or a pith helmet.

Enjoy the forums. For any questions PM me or a moderator.
Note that these rules may change at any time without further notification. :pith:
Slouching on the reliable old leather recliner.

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