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Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:18 pm

In our lives we've all probably witnessed horrible blasphemy of some kind. My horror story begins with a quiet evening at a friends place where I had brought a bottle of Ron Zacapa 23 Años for tasting. My friend had recently developed a taste for Captain Morgan Jamaica rum and I wanted to introduce a much better rum to him.

I poured a glass of Zacapa for him and his girlfriend and they sniffed it and I could see it from their faces that they found it to be a bit strong on the nose. Next thing that happened was that my friend took a few quick strength gathering sharp breaths, as if he was preparing to lift something heavy, and gulped down the precious Zacapa in one go and made a face that implied it was some cheap rotgut he had just drank. He proceeded to warn his girlfriend who could only down half of the rum I had poured. Then he said he prefers Captain Morgan Jamaica rum and urged me to try it. I had had Captain Morgan before but politely accepted the drink and didn't comment what had just happened.

Needless to say I was quite speechless and will not bring any more fancy rums for them.

The second horror story is about a rather rich kid who had just turned 18 and his relatively cashed up father decided to go ahead and buy him some Scotch whisky. He didn't seem to like it very much and I asked him:

"What is this whisky you're drinking?"
"Oh its Glenfiddich..."
"Which one?"
"Umm... the 40 year old one, its not that special."

Little did he know or care what he had in his hands. Quite obviously this whisky was wasted on him as he was gulping it pretty carelessly as I tried to explain the rarity of this whisky to him. I cannot even begin to comphrehend why his father would buy something this rare to someone who cannot appreciate it.

So, tell me your most horrific horror stories?
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Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:21 pm

Don't forget that the child is having a BMW bought for him by his father.

Sir Arthur Pendragon
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Tue Jul 08, 2008 7:20 am

A friend of mine was a bartender, and the establishment she was working at served Ricard Hennessey Cognac at $250 a measure.

A guy came in, ordered 2, and wanted them with coke and Ice.
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Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:31 am

Bad boys with their pimped-up Bimma's or Benzes, and not to forget a case of Cristal in the fridge back at the for nothing, chicks for free lifestyle. Some of these guys should invest & buy a brain instead of a Benz...

Being born into a rich family requires very little talent, brain or skill, actually. Making it rich may require talent (and luck), but money doesn't make someone civilized, appreciative, or even smart.

One of my friends has in the past tasted some God-awful cheap firewater which was called Rhum (young, cheap no-name blend somewhere), and has since been so set on his opinion that "that is what real rum tastes like". I have offered him samples of this & that from quality rums, only to get the same comment always - "Its quite nice, smooth and good, but this is NOT REAL RUM..This is something like Cognac or something". Uuurgh. OK, whatever. If REAL RUM is supposed to taste like a memory of a cheap booze from his youth, God I am pleased that none of the rums in my collection taste like that!!! :twisted:

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