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Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:35 am

Of course said herbs will be used as ingredients in cocktails...

Does anyone here or know of anyone growing their own herbs for the purpose of using them in cocktails and drinks?

I recently planted a two types of mints one of them which unexpectedly sprouted new life. The mint that I planted from seed is not as aromatic as the other mint (peppermint I presume) and has a more earthy and slightly bitter smell while the peppermint has a sweet, fresh and very aromatic charasteristics.

The first one was grown from seed and seems to be growing well, though I think it is plagued by some kind of insects or disease as there are white stains on some of the leaves.

The second one was actually an attempt to revive mint sprigs purchased from the supermarket, which worked a long time for one of the sprigs that eventually whithered. But surprisingly this seemingly dead sprig sprouted new life and within a few weeks it has grown from this...
Image this

I'd like to know if anyone has any tips on preventing the mints from getting diseases and how to get rid of insects and how to make them grow stronger.

I'd also like to start growing limes but would it be better to purchase a preplanted tree?
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