Everything that is not rum, whiskey or brandy & cognac.
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Colonel Kurtz
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Thu Apr 24, 2008 12:56 pm

The say you will always remember your first Frangelico...

I certainly do, it was in this fabulous marble columned restaurant with a dark haired dark eyed beauty who made have a Frangelico on ice. At first with much trepidation, then greater enthusiasm I consummated my first time love with this magnificent drink (as I did with the aformentioned lady later in a dark place).

It's a ladies drink you may say. Nay, I tell you, it is refined and sophisticated - especially when drunk in the correct manner.

First of all this hazelnut liqueur must be served over ice, swirled to temperature. This is how it was first served to me, and a very enjoyable drop it was too, as we polished off the bottle at that bar, before I polished off her....

Roll around many years later.... and I'm sitting at Catalinas restaurant on Sydney's Rose Bay enjoying a very fine lunch (you should try it if you can - George Gregan and Sam Niell were dining there at the time), when I asked for my standard after dinner drink of a Frangelico on ice.

The young, and might I add scrumptious, waitress brought me my drink along with an extra. A wedge of lime. She suggested I try it so. Out of hand I dismissed it immediately, not wanting to taint my ambrosia. But being a man of adventure (you take the boy out of the army, but you can't take the officer out of the boy... or something), i thought I'd try it with the dregs.


Magic, Sublime, Exquisite and other Superaltives.

To draw a crude comparison, it was like the Flaming Moe (Homer): The Lime (Fire) made it good.

So there you are my dear friends, next time, try a glass of monk juice on ice with a squeeze of lime.

I dare you not to enjoy it.
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Count Silvio
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Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:14 am

Fantastic first post Colonel and welcome to the gentlemen's lounge! I am not the one who is usually found to be enjoying such liqueurs neat but your story certainly makes it sound nice. Apparently this is a very popular liqueur in Australia, is it not?
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Wed Sep 10, 2008 4:03 pm

i do enjoy the Frangelico also...
Thought not in any 'specific' way. . . i enjoy it neat, straight, chilled, on ice, with fruit, in a myriad of delicious shots/ mixed drink this stuff is great.

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