2003 - Moondah Brook Cabernet Sauvignon

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Tue Dec 18, 2007 12:12 pm

Winery: Moondah Brook
Country of Origin: Australia
Region: Near Gingin - Western Australia
Year: 2003
Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon
Website: http://www.moondahbrook.com.au

I had a glass of this while I was out to dinner. This was indeed an excellent compliment to the scotch fillet steak and pepper sauce I had. I won't bother giving an in depth review about it as I'll be once again going from memory.

At first glance, the wine itself was very dark red with a nice clarity to it and unclouded. The bouquet of the wine was quite fruity, with a hint of a berry I couldn't quite figure out, and a deep oak scent was the backdrop. The initial whiff of wine was not unpleasant, but nothing out of the ordinary either, but after a few seconds the most prominent aroma was the oak. It was very soft and ebbed slowly away.

The taste was smooth on the tongue and at the same time a wonderful tingling feeling at the rear edges of the tongue, while the majority of flavours tended to stay more central. The flavour was great. The after taste was exactly what was to be expected, no bitterness, no sharpness... just smooth and fresh.

All in all the wine was a great experience for the senses and I wondered how it could be improved. I had some of the pepper sauced scotch fillet and followed it with a little mouthful of wine... what an amazing transformation! The wine seemed to compliment every flavour the meat had to offer. Where the meat was peppered and sharp, the wine countered with it's dry yet refreshing texture.

If I were to rate this wine out of 10, I would have to break it down into two categories:
- Served on it's own - 6/10
- Served with food - 8.5/10
So mote it be.

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