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Fri Jan 04, 2008 11:13 pm

The kumquat originally comes from South Japan and China. The meaning of the word kumquat is “Golden Fruit”; it was brought in Corfu in 1860 by the English agronomist Merlyn. The kumquat plants grow mainly in the NW of part of the island and it is one of the main agricultural products of Corfu.
Corfu is the island where I bought these two products in 2004. The first one is 20% vol Koum Quat bottled in a bottle shaped like the island. The nectar is what I would describe golden orange and it is very heavy because it is so sweet. Mostly it smells like what I can only assume is the fruit its made of and it also has a small amount of anise. Drinking is almost like drinking simple syrup with a touch of fruit. The taste is pretty much the same as the smell. The sweetness camouflages the alcohol, not that there is much anyway.

The second one is essentially the same except 40% vol and it is bottled in a small bottle that has crystallised koum quat fruit inside. This one wasn't as sweet as the first one when I first had it and it was somewhat enjoyable. Now it has turned into this sickly sweet liquor (you can see it from the yellowish color) because of the crystals. I was told that once the original contents have been drank you can create a similar potion by pouring equal parts of vodka, tequila and something else I've forgotten. The crystals are supposed to flavour the new contents in 1-2 weeks if I remember correctly.


Has any of you gentlemen ever had Koum Quat? What was your experience like and are there any other uses for these liquor except decoration on the shelf?

P.S. If you want to, check out some of my Corfu 2004 travel photos here.
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