250 bottles of whisky for Burns’ birthday

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Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:33 pm

By Cara Sulieman
RECEIVING a bottle of whisky for your birthday is not unusual - but one famous Scot has had 250 bottles made especially for him.

Famous Grouse have created the special edition bottles to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth and Homecoming 2009.

The bottles, one to signify each year since his birth, will be given to Burns Suppers across the globe and auctioned off for charity.


As well as containing a 37-year-old blended malt whisky, the bottles are decorated with a drawing of the famous bard by John Byrne, a Scottish artist and playwright.

Byrne has created album artwork for stars such as The Beatles, making him almost as famous as the bard himself.
Read more at Deadline Scotland
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