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Tips on how to get the most out of the brewed elixir.

This should go without saying, but always pour your beer into a wide mouthed glass.

This will allow the aroma of the beer to form fully, and be held within the confines of the glass. Never drink your beer from the bottle, as this doesn't allow the aroma to be fully released. Most of the taste of something, is not information delivered from the tongue, but from smells.

Don't drink your beer too cold.

This will also prevent aromas from properly developing. The ideal temperature for a beer, even though it may seem strange to many Australians, is usually "Cellar Temperature." ie. Around 7 - 11 degrees celcius. This will allow the aromas to fully develop, yet still be cool enough to be pleasing. This particularly holds true for European beers. Many cheap beers in Australia get away with being of poor quality because of the culture we have that beer should be ice cold. This helps to prevent the low quality product from being fully shown up.

Once the beer is cold, keep it that way.

This is the fastest way to kill a beer. Once a beer has been cooled, do not allow it to warm to room temperature, then cool it again. The best thing I find to do is to buy beer at room temperature, then cool it as required. If you have a European beer particularly, remove from the fridge before it gets too cold to allow the aromas to fully develop in the glass.

These are a few simple hints, that will allow you to get the most of your brewed goodness.

Enjoy, and Cheers! :cheers:
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