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Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:24 pm

"What the cripes was that ungodly screech?" Asked an old American sergeant after hearing the bloodcurling howl made by the commanding officer of the first detachment visiting Newfoundland during World War II. "The screech?" 'Tis the rum, me son" said the host who offered a drop of rum to the commanding officer after dinner. So strong was the rum it would make whoever drank it to release an ungodly screech.

A legend was born and the rum was labelled Famous Newfoundland Screech rum. The soul warming qualities of the early version of this rum were appreciated by the early Newfoundland fishermen who traded salt fish for Jamaican rum in the West Indies. According to legend this is why the national dish of Jamaica is salt fish and the rum is the traditional drink of Newfoundlanders.

The recipe of Screech rum has changed from those days, mainly the alcohol volume has been lowered and the flavours mellowed making it more palatable for todays consumers. I've heard many horror stories about this rum and I've also read some bad reviews which really do not make this rum sound very appealing. I acquired this bottle from my cousin living in Canada who also screeches at this rum. He wanted me to have this because of its limited availability. Screech rum is available in most of Canada and in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont states of United States.
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