Matusalem rum - not a pure rum

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Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:50 pm

Busted. Uses flavourings in the form of macerated fruits / extracts of such.

All I can say is that Matusalem has never ever publicly stated in their process description anything about using macerated fruits or extracts of such as a flavouring ingredient. For daring to suggest that some rum producers were hiding such facts, Mr. Hamilton called me a liar, and closed me from his so-called "Ministry" forum for good, after a very distasteful email exchange (distasteful on his part). I think the final word for me was "either to prove that what I am suggesting (about any rum producer hiding the use of additives), or apologize to all."

An apology to me would now be most welcome..from Mr. Hamilton, and some of the other unpleasant individuals from his forum, that chose to viciously attack me due to my posts which were not in any way agressive there.

On the topic of hidden additives to actually get some flavour to the otherwise apparently not-so-flavourful rums, I am very disappointed that Matusalem, as many others no doubt, choose to lie to the public / hide facts from the public, rather than tell the truth, and actually use their unique, ancient methodology as part of their marketing story.

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Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:37 am

Quite an interesting read and somewhat disappointing. Surprising? Not so much these days. I don't really understand the ever increasing trend of flavoring rums with additives. In fact, almost every new rum that has been recently released seem tweaked to the point where it is so blatant the additives basically jump out of the glass announcing themselves.

Now I am not referring to Matusalem here as the flavorings are not quite so easy to pick up in their rums but with other rums, especially rums released of late, how stupid do the producers think we are?

They are trying to sell us flavored product at a premium price falsely advertising some of them as artisan solera aged rum when there is no trace of the actual rum left in the final product. I had an interesting conversation with a respected rum producer who said had sold rum to a company who then proceeded to add all these flavorings to his beautifully crafted spirit. Needless to say he was pissed off when he tasted this new product. I could not have ever guessed his rum was used in this new product, it did not even taste like rum.

In the end I really could not care less if someone wants to flavor and ruin their products this way but I would at least want to know about it so I don't have to be disappointed and angry next time I pay a premium price for a rotgut product.

One other thing that has begun to irritate me is the constant use of the term "solera aged rum." While I believe there are companies that still do it in the traditional way, the term has now become a marketing term and it will be difficult to know who actually uses a solera system and who just says they do.
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