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Review: Bruichladdich 1998 Oloroso & Manzanilla

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:28 pm
by Dacaqa Fe Noyetuxuhe

Inspired by this item (and my already owning a Bruichladdich 10 yo Whisky), I invested in the 1998 Oloroso and Manzanilla pairing (separate bottles, same order, delivered together).

The various photographs I took are here and show a good effort at keeping the products safe and secure. The only trouble I had was with the foam inside the round metal containers, in that they were a little troublesome to remove. I ended up having to up-end the container and squeeze the foam out.

My testing (at this stage anyway) consisted of 2 nasal inhalings at separate times and a shotglass sans ice of the tested Whisky. With regards the inhalings, Oloroso was tested via the right nostril only and Manzanilla via the left only. I may be pedantic but I didn't want to mix things up (especially since this is my first review).


As you can see, the Oloroso is slightly darker than the Manzanilla. Both are very crisp and clean to the eye.


The Oloroso has a light aroma of Peach Schnapps and a strong Whisky undertone to it. The Manzanilla, is almost opposite, in that it has a light sweetness of a fruity but indecernible aroma but not as much Whisky to it. Perhaps the sweetness overpowered the Whisky, but not by much.


The Oloroso had a very strong dry Whisky flavour to it but little else. I would have to say it felt somewhat bland, although it was very warming overall and that warmth came quickly. I mention the dryness because it seemed to take most of the fluid from my mouth.

The Manzanilla had a sweeter but less Whisky strength taste to it. It didn't have the blandness of the Oloroso but also didn't have the full warmness of the Oloroso.

Final thoughts

As I mentioned this has only been tested via nasal inhaling and via shotglass. I will test via a tumbler with ice at a leter stage and re-appraise things. Certainly I believe that both of these could do with some ice or water (maybe some soda water even), but not any other mixer. I like to keep things pure, so that may be bias on my part.

On this very brief test, I seemed to enjoy the Manzanilla more, because it had some taste and not what I might consider an overbearing taste of Whisky. Of course, I am neither a professional nor expert in Whisky tasting, so if others can find some of each and try it out, I would be happy to learn.

When I revisit this, I may even put in a comparison against my existing Bruichladdich 10 yo Whisky. These are (to me anyway) quite expensive and limited stock, I plan on enjoying them slowly.


Re: Review: Bruichladdich 1998 Oloroso & Manzanilla

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:50 pm
by Count Silvio
Thanks for the review Dacaqa, I await for your comparison and reappraisal. Hmm, perhaps I will try to acquire both of these whiskies.