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Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:31 pm

Let me be the first to make one thing clear. I know absolutely nothing about cigars, the only ones I've ever had were when I'd just started smoking about 10 years ago, and the occasional one passed around at a party... Asking me which ones they were is a moot question as I simply didn't pay attention to the label on the cylinders...

So, my question is, to get an accurate appreciation of cigars and cigarillos, where does one begin? Is there a particular brand I should be finding or a particular blend? What are the main differences in each blend or brand? What should I be looking for when sampling a cigar?

And the age old question I've never had answered properly, does one pull the smoke all the way into his lungs, or halfway down, or just kept in the mouth?

I'm sure if I had some sort of guidance, my overall experience of cigar smoking would be greatly improved.

So mote it be.

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Tue Nov 27, 2007 8:52 pm

I've actually been meaning to write an article about this subject. There is no particular brand you should be looking as everyone has their own favorite brand.

A recommendation for someone who has not been smoking cigars very often is a light coloured cigar. What does the color matter you ask? Light colored cigars are often not as strong as the darker cigars and that makes them more easily approachable. Such a cigar could be Romeo Y Julieta for example. If your local tobacconist knows his stuff he will also recommend a light cigar for a beginner.

When buying a cigar you should not buy the cheapest brand, try to choose something from the middle and you will most likely end up with a decent cigar. You should also inspect that the cigar is not dry and see that the leaf is not cracking or falling apart anywhere.

You should also learn how to properly cut and light the cigar, these can have a great effect on the cigar.

Generally when smoking a cigar you don't inhale the smoke to your lungs, it is unhealthy as there is no filter in the cigar and the point is to taste the cigar anyway and not satisfy your nicotine needs. Although some people will inhale the smoke. It comes down to personal preference. I prefer not to inhale. This is one of the greatest debates in cigar smoking that will no doubt come up when talking about cigars with friends.

Hope this will get you started. :pith:
Oh and don't get those flavored little cigars!
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