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About Refined Vices

Refined vices is an award winning independent website established in 2007, specialising in rum and whiskey. We provide objective and in depth product reviews, news and user submitted stories and interviews. Over the course of 10 years Refined Vices has established a firm reputation internationally and has gained respect, especially in the global rum community, for the equitable approach we take in our writing.

Tatu Kaarlas, the author of Refined Vices, and his work has been featured in books, magazines, press releases and even at international airports. To read more about his achievements and accolades, follow this link to the PRESS section.

Product Samples and Reviews

We accept samples for review, however for the product to be featured on the website we ask that you send a full bottle in its original retail packaging to ensure a sufficient amount for sampling and for potential use in cocktails that may be featured in the review. We also do our own product photography and may feature products in future video features.

If you cannot offer a full retail version of the product but would still like to feature it on Refined Vices, please get in touch as we'd love to hear from you anyway. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.

We aim to review all products in a timely manner but cannot guarantee that everything will always be featured on the website. This may be because we thought it did not stand out or we simply weren't inspired by it. Sending in products does not guarantee a favorable review but we will always be completely honest and transparent and will give you feedback regardless if we like the product or not.

To find out more details on how we review, follow this link.

Disclaimer: The cost of the review is free but please bear in mind that any alcoholic product may be subject to local tax if sending from overseas to Australia. To get your product delivered safe and sound, we appreciate you covering the shipping costs and any incurred taxes. We will take care of the many hours of research and writing that goes into each review at Refined Vices.

To find out our shipping and contact details, send an e-mail through the contact page.

Additional Exposure

We do love to give exposure to brands and are happy to feature rare or larger product ranges*, that we have reviewed, in the banner rotating on top of the page. These banners will be directly linked to the reviews. So if you want to send your whole range, we'd be delighted to give them maximum visibility. Feel free to send us any other brand related merchandise and we're happy to Tweet about it and share the pics on our other Social Media outlets.

*Larger product ranges that consist of 3 or more products.


From time to time we work in collaboration with brands, promoting new products and bringing it in front of the key audience via our website and social media. We have been known to endorse products we truly like and have also been asked to provide personal feedback for products in development or to write custom tasting notes and other material for media packs or websites.

We have established international networks and are more than likely able to point you in the right direction if you are seeking local or overseas distributors for your products, or wanting to bottle your own private label rum. We welcome the opportunity to judge any cocktail competitions involving rum or whiskey and can provide event coverage.

Our event and product photography has become world famous and is featured in several magazines and websites all over the world and as such we are happy to offer our services to you. To request a portfolio and pricing details, please email us for a quote. Please note that we are available for international work and are happy to consider any offers.

Got questions? Get in touch!

Tatu Kaarlas, the author of Refined Vices, is originally from Finland, otherwise known as the Rum Sahara, and is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

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