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Rum Review: Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof (Cuba)

Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof

The very first rum I reviewed was Havana Club Añejo 7 Años and I felt it was time to review another product from the Havana Club range as people had been requesting more Havana Club rum reviews. This time I will let you in on what Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof holds within its decorated, blue labelled bottle.

Hand-crafted by "Maestro Ronero" Don Navarro, Cuban Barrel Proof is made from a blend of different aged rums aged in extra-old white oak barrels.

This blend is then put to rest in younger oak casks or "finish" casks and finally bottled straight from the cask at 45% without being diluted with water.

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Rum Review: Temptryst Lemon Wood Rum (Texas)

Temptryst Lemon Wood Rum

Temptryst rums are produced by Texas based Au Natural Spirits Inc, which is run by the president and head of research, Daniel Watson. Coveted by the connoisseurs at the Ministry of Rum and Refined Vices, Temptryst rums have quickly gained a reputation despite the fact that these rums are still relatively unknown to the wider audience and not yet on the market.

For instance, Cherry Wood XO won a gold award at the Ministry of Rum tasting competition amongst other award winning Temptryst rums. Such appreciation can only promise good fortune for the upcoming rum brand.

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Rum Review: Santa Teresa 1796 (Venezuela)

Santa Teresa 1796

Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera was launched in 1996 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Hacienda Santa Teresa. The bottle is packed inside a blue cardboard tube decorated with a red ribbon and a red plastic seal that reads 1796.

The bottle itself is tall and elegant sealed with red wax going all the way from over the cork down to the neck. Around the neck is a booklet, which, on this particular bottle, is written entirely in Spanish as are the old looking labels on the bottle which have the same descriptions as the booklet.

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Rum Review: Cruzan Single Barrel (U.S. Saint Croix)

Cruzan Single Barrel

Cruzan Single Barrel Estate Rum has been produced on the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix, since 1760. Cruzan Rum is also the only distillery operating in St. Croix today.

Cruzan Single Barrel is decanted in a tall bottle that has a frosted glass effect and a wooden cork. Around the long neck there is a small label, where the number of the bottle and the number of the barrel has been written.

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Rum Review: Mount Gay Eclipse (Barbados)

Mount Gay Eclipse

Mount Gay is widely recognized as the world’s oldest rum producer and they don't seem to be too coy about it either.

On the front label, of the heavy bottle with a classic bubble neck, is printed a map of Barbados where it says Mount Gay has been producing rum since 1703, which would make the tradition of making rum over 300 years.

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Rum Review: Angostura 1919 (Trinidad)

Angostura 1919

An individually numbered square bottle with rounded shoulders and a big black wooden cork that makes itself stand out in the middle of other bottles. This is a bottle that makes you think you're in for something really special. The box itself where Angostura 1919 came in is quite nice too with its embossed flower pattern in the front.

Before opening the bottle and pouring the rum in a glass I can already see that the clarity of Angostura 1919 is spectacular! You can clearly see through the golden liquid when looking through the bottle.

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Rum Review: Ron Pampero Aniversario (Venezuela)

Pampero Aniversario

The first thing that attracted me to this rum was its unique presentation. A squat bottle in a leather pouch. It immediately gave me the idea that this rum must be something special if the makers have taken the time to create such special packaging.

Outside the pouch Ron Pampero is dark mahogany and the label on the bottle is decorated with a medieval font, as is the typing on the leather pouch.The bottle also has a red plastic seal which bears the Pampero logo, a man on a horse.

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Rum Review: Havana Club Añejo 7 Años (Cuba)

Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos

The rum I am reviewing today is one of the first rums that introduced me to the world of rum and really made me appreciate it. The introduction happened at a cigar bar where the owner suggested rum, rather than whiskey, to be had with a cigar. I was intrigued by his suggestion.

Previously, perhaps foolishly, I only considered whiskey or cognac to be had with cigars. The rum he recommended to me was none other than the Cuban Havana Club 7 años. What better choices are there for a first review than the rum that got me writing reviews to begin with?

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