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Black Tot 40 Year Old Demerara Rum

Nearly fifty years after the end of the Royal Navy rum ration, independent spirits bottler Elixir Distillers launches Black Tot 40 Year Old, a 100% demerara rum, the very style of rum that would have made the heart of the daily ration once enjoyed by our naval servicemen.

This wonderfully rich and heavy rum made with demerara sugar was distilled in Guyana in 1975 and has been ageing in barrel ever since. Thanks to forty years of ageing and its 100% demerara style, Black Tot 40 is a truly unique elixir that will captivate anyone who tastes it.

Oliver Chilton, manager of Elixir Distillers, creators of the Black Tot rum brand, explains {xtypo_quote}Guyana has long been famed for creating 100% demerara rum but for us to acquire casks holding such old liquid from the island is now very rare. Our first Black Tot bottling back in 2011 featured the last of the actual rum served by the British Navy up until 31st July 1970, which was made in a solera system that had been in continuous use for around 50 years. And so the next chapter of the Black Tot story is a unique 40 year old demerara rum paying homage to a unique naval tradition.{/xtypo_quote}

Black Tot Day - On Friday 31st July 1970, serving seamen of the Royal Navy mustered one last time for the daily issue of rum, a tradition that had begun nearly 240 years earlier in 1731

Available from Monday 31st July, Black Tot 40 is priced at £1,500 per bottle and can be purchased via

Source: The Whisky Exchange


Editors Notes:

A very interesting change from the previous Black Tot expression, which was a Navy Rum, is the fact that this rum now comes entirely from Demerara Distillers instead of being a blend of rums. Furthermore this rum was distilled using the legendary Port Mourant Double Wooden Pot Still. A total of six casks of 40 year old rum have been married resulting in a total of 606 bottles at 44.2% ABV.

This is one seriously aged, rare and historic rum from Demerara Distillers, and I wonder how it compares to the brooding rum beast that was the Black Tot Last Consignment.



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