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Ekte No. 2 Jamaica Rum

The numbered bottles are EKTE Spirits limited releases, which are single origin rums straight from the cask without any additives or unnecessary dilution. They are the pure expressions of the distillery's style, and this is where the rums begin to get serious and even more interesting.

No. 2 is a Jamaican Pure Single Rum from Monymusk distillery, aged for 12 years and is part of a 270 bottle release from a single cask. Let's get into it!


Very pale, white wine or champagne colour. There appears to be some small bits floating in the rum, which may indicate no filtering or a very light one before bottling.


Now we're getting funky! There is initially a hit of something sour. Maybe some cheese cake or sour yoghurt aromas and a bit of varnish, the latter which is typical for high ester Jamaican rums. We've also got quite a bit of dark fruit here as well as some sweet and delicate orange blossom notes. The overall the aroma is quite pungent - Yeah we've definitely got some hogo going on here! The empty glass smells deliciously of candied oranges and roasted nuts.


Oh mama, feel the power on this one! It's dry and woody, it's spicy and there is rancio! On the palate the rum creates a curdling sensation, and the fruit notes really come through here, including some candied orange as you swallow the rum.


The No. 2 finishes beautifully with roasted flavours that soften into a slightly nutty, savoury and floral notes. It even has a salty or a briny tang to it, contrasted by sweet and smoky almond or marzipan flavours that remain on the palate for a time.

Final Thoughts

A powerful and intense rum but even at 60% the mouthfeel doesn't really suffer at all. I really wish I had a full bottle of this limited release rum as it is one to keep (close to my glass that is). Trust me, you need this in your life!

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 Pure Single Rum

Details at a Glance

Country: Jamaica
Aged: 12 years
Barrel(s): ex-Bourbon
Style: Pure Single Rum
Distillery: Monymusk
ABV: 60%
Hydrometer Reading: 0 g/L

Silver Award

Score Criteria

Score Graph


Aroma: 9
Intensity: 10


Complexity: 9
Concentration: 10
Length: 10


Alcohol by mouthfeel: 9
Alcohol by reduction: 10


Balance: 9
Aftertaste: 9
Faults: 10

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