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Atlantico Private Cask

When new interesting products enter the market I intend to find out as much as I can about them and sometimes if I am lucky, I have the privilege to review these new products.

Such is the case with Ron Atlantico Private Cask, a product of the Dominican Republic that was launched last October in Miami by the Atlantico Importing Company or Alebrand Spirits Company, a joint venture between Aleco Azqueta and Brandon Lieb, who had previously managed some of the biggest liquor brands before they went into business together.

Ron Atlantico Private Cask consists of aged rums from the Dominican Republic blended by Oliver & Oliver, which are married or blended after being handpicked by Aleco and Brandon and then further aged in small bourbon barrels also known as the "Private Casks."

From these barrels the rum is yet again removed and aged using the Solera method, a method also used by another Dominican rum, Matusalem Gran Reserva.

The resulting product is a blend of rums aged between 15 and 25 years which is bottled by hand into Italian made square glass bottles that sport labels designed by Rafael Antigua. Each of the labels are applied by hand, individually signed and numbered by Aleco and Brandon before shipping out. My bottle number is B1-0914.

I first heard about Atlantico rum a few months ago and then after a couple more I finally had the opportunity to try it in London with some friends. Though I did not have time to give it a thorough sampling then, it was enough to intrigue me and I knew it was a rum worth pursuing.

Not long after that I received a sample of Ron Atlantico Private Cask delivered to my door step - The beautiful old fashioned bottle was packed inside a rustic wooden box that also contained a personalised letter from Aleco and Brandon, which was a very genteel touch in my opinion.

As of February 2010 Atlantico Importing Company have released Ron Atlantico Private Cask in a brand new giftbox and slightly updated labelling.

The design of the bottle remains largely unchanged with only a few tweaks to the neck label,

however the giftbox of the Atlantico rum bottle has been completely redesigned to complement the labelling of the bottle.

Please click the thumbnail for a larger and more detailed view.


In the bottle the rum is deep mahogany with an orange glow and a Rosé tint to it. In the glass it takes a dark amber and gold colour and forms thick, veiny legs. 


The first nose is cool and woody with some minor earthy tones and a soft alcoholic tingle. Second nosing reveals some copper, caramel, luscious toffee and vague sweet berry aromas.

My recommendation is to allow Ron Atlantico to breathe for a while as I found out it greatly benefits from it. The previously cool aromas have now evolved to a warmer, more wholesome and robust aromas also revealing a more intricate sweet maple aroma.

The berries are now particularly prominent and I can easily identify them as cloudberries. It is really quite interesting to see how the aromas evolve with this particular rum as it breathes. 


Atlantico tastes sweet and slightly woody upfront with toffee, some slightly musty earthy tones and cloudberry. The rum has a very viscous mouth feel.


Pleasingly warm and long finish with toffee, hints of cloudberry and a whole lot of maple that insists on staying behind after the other flavours have long gone.

Final thoughts

Ron Atlantico Private Cask is characterised by rich, intricate and well balanced aromas and flavours but there is a certain artificial quality about it.

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  • Details at a Glance

 Modern Rum

Details at a Glance

Country: Dominican Republic
Aged: Up to 25 Years (Solera)
Barrel(s): Ex-Bourbon
Bottle No:
Style: Modern Rum
 Multiple (blended by Oliver & Oliver)
ABV: 40%
Hydrometer Reading: ~26 g/l sugar added

Legacy Gold Award

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