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Ron Los Valientes 20 Anos

The third and the oldest of the three rums, Ron Los Valientes 20 Años Añejo Reserva Especial carries the signature of the Cellar Master to indicate his devotion and pride of the product he has nurtured for so long in the cellars of Veracruz.

The bottling date is displayed and the bottles are hand numbered; with the number 022 and the year 2007 in my case.


The older the Los Valientes the darker the rum; Los Valientes 20 year is dark brown with red and amber highlights. The legs are heavy, almost like honey as they stick to the glass.


The nose is slightly mellower than the nose of the 15 year old while retaining its subtle complexity. Nicely balanced vanilla and floral notes form the first layer accentuated by caramel and honey, drifts of cola, toffee and molasses lying underneath.

Letting the rum breathe for a while reveals a third layer consisting of nuts and the familiar buttery rancio note found in Los Valientes 15 year old.


Very smooth and light mouth feel that is not as coating and sweet as the 15 year old, with minor floral and earthy notes along with rancio and bitter nuts that appear as the nectar warms up in the mouth.


Wood with a trace of smoke play around in the mouth while a thin oily layer coats the palate, after which there is an eruption of rancio that melds in the mouth with the buttery flavours that quickly soothe out the minor spiciness.

The finish turns a bit dusty after a while with emerging tobacco and earth notes towards the end.

Final thoughts

Let this rum patiently relax for a while in the glass and it will open up to you revealing deeper, more complex aromas and flavours than you would get from the first sip.

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  • Details at a Glance

 Single Blended

Details at a Glance

Country: Mexico
Aged: 20 Years
Barrel(s): Ex-Bourbon
Bottle No: 022
Bottled: 2007
Style: Single Blended
 Licores Veracruz S.A de C.V
ABV: 43%
Hydrometer Reading: ?

Legacy Silver Award

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