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"Do you remember as a child, rabidly clawing open Advent Calendar doors to get to the chocolate-y goodness within? What if, as an adult, you could regain that festive excitement?"

I remember, and I also remember the first time Master of Malt announced their Whisky Advent Calendar, an absolutely spiffing idea, might I say, and a great way for me to relive my childhood... in an adult and perhaps in a slightly more responsible way.

This year Master of Malt, known for their fantastic range of spirits and Drinks by the Dram service, have really outdone themselves by putting out a Rum Advent Calendar and a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar on top of the existing Whisky and Ginvent calendars. Not only that there is a plethora of other calendars available for connoisseurs of fine spirits such as Craft Gin, Cognac, Tequila, Armagnac and even Absinthe and Vodka Advent Calendars!

Ladies, if you're looking for the ultimate man gift for the Gentleman in your life for Christmas, look no further as the solution is here! And hey, let's face it, I'm sure there are quite a few ladies out there who would enjoy these calendars just as much as the Gents, eh?

For those who must know, there is a list available on the Master of Malt website of what each calendar includes but I personally would rather wait and see than spoil the surprise.

Get your Boozevent Calendars here!

Another thing I know I would love in addition to the calendar this Christmas is a personalised bottle of Whisky. You can choose from a selection of Scotch whiskies and then personalise the label (you can write up to four lines of text) with your own message, name, company name or whatever ticks your fancy!

Check it out at Master of Malt.



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