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Dalmore Trinitas

There is no limit when it comes to setting prices for the rarest whiskies in the world, which included the Macallan 1926 that was auctioned for US$54,000 in 2007, which at the time was the most expensive whisky in the world.

Then along came Dalmore who sold a 62 year old whisky for over £25,000, another one later at £32,000 and now they have done it again after releasing a single malt whisky for a cool £100,000.

Only three bottles of the 64 year old Dalmore Trinitas were ever produced, two of which have already been acquired by a gentleman based in the US and by a UK based entrepreneur.

The last remaining bottle of Trinitas will be sold at The Whisky Show in London this weekend and one lucky person attending the show on Saturday will even get to try it!

The Dalmore 64

Only truly outstanding single malts can mature to a great age such as 50 years old and more. To date only a handful of whiskies have been released at the venerable 64 years of age.

Such little whisky was available that only 3 bottles of this timeless collectable can be released. One bottle has already been sold to a private collector from the USA and the other bottle has been acquired for our own private collection.

We were delighted to be invited to work on this project with The Dalmore over a year ago and worked tirelessly with them to develop a presentation that would reflect the aristocratic heritage and pedigree of the brand.

Only the finest materials were identified, sourced and used, ensuring that Trinitas can sit proudly alongside the world's most luxurious and elegant masterpieces.

The last remaining bottle is now offered for sale at the same price as the others…

£100,000.00 (inc-vat)


The Dalmore Trinitas 64 The Dalmore Trinitas represents a trinity of unimaginable luxury.

Containing spirit dating from 1868, 1878, 1926 and 1939, The Dalmore Trinitas is a 64 year old single malt that is as exceptional as it is rare.

Hand-crafted, and nurtured with great care over a long and deep slumber it may well be the pinnacle of our great distillery’s history.

But with only three bottles released only a fortunate few will ever know.

Two have been acquired and now only one remains available for purchase, exclusively from The Whisky Exchange.

In order to be fortunate you may need to be swift.

Time is of the essence.


Dalmore Trinitas Detail

In its long maturation process, many different styles of wood were used and each has gifted its own unique characteristics to the liquid.

The final two years of a lengthy slumber were spent in a unique, hand crafted nine litre American white oak cask.

This cask was prepared by Master Distiller, Richard Paterson, by first soaking it in an exceptionally rare Dalmore before filling with two ancient sherries – a rich Matusalem Oloroso and a Pedro Ximenez, both from the esteemed house of Gonzalez Byass.

Each made its own inimitable contribution to the character of this 64 year old Dalmore transforming what is an exceptionally rare liquid into a taste sensation.


The Dalmore The Dalmore Trinitas 64The hand of time has been generous and rewarding. Each special racking has tempered and tamed this outstanding Highland malt to perfection.

Powerful notes of sweet raisins, rich Colombian coffee, crushed walnuts and bitter orange cast are followed by a glorious fusion of grapefruit, sandalwood, white musk and Indonesian patchouli.

The spirit must be nurtured and cherished long in the mouth to tease out every hidden flavour. Sweet sultanas, figs, and a caramelised topping of Seville oranges, apples, mangos and dates roll over the tongue.

Then a wave of lingering sensations; vino dulce muscatel, marzipan, treacle toffee, soft liquorice and roasted coffee.

A soft caress of truffles, walnuts and muscovado sugar on your palate brings this unforgettable fanfare to a flawless finish.


To celebrate the release of this exquisite malt, three crystal decanters have been commissioned and specially made using crystal of unsurpassed quality and clarity.

Molten crystal was gathered by hand and mouth blown before being shaped to forge a final, beautifully sculpted piece.

Almost, dare we say, as magnificent as the liquid it holds.


Intricate, hand-crafted, silver embellishments provide the perfect complement to the stunning crystal decanters.

Sterling silver, 925 parts pure metal and 75 parts copper gives the decoration an inner strength and outer sparkle.

The unquestionable purity of the metal allows an immaculate finish on the surface giving the final work of art a brilliance that befits the quality of the whisky.

Dalmore Trinitas Logo


The Presentation The Dalmore Trinitas 64The three Dalmore Trinitas presentation boxes are completely bespoke.

Over 100 man-hours have been invested in ensuring that the magnificent liquid contained within is safely carried, yet beautifully displayed.

Each box has been constructed from solid English oak encased in a Macassar ebony veneer.

Relatively rare in veneer form, this exceptional wood is particularly hard and dense.

To finish, twelve individual coats of lacquer were applied to the surface and then cut back by hand after every fourth coat. The lacquer was burnished with various grades of finishing paste, until the mirror finish was achieved.



The release of this malt is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Should you like to find out more about this exceptional whisky, please contact Sukhinder Singh.

Email sss[remove] or call +44 (0)208 838 9388.

For more information on upcoming releases from The Dalmore, please contact David Robertson, Director of Rare Whisky.

Email david.robertson[remove] or call +44 (0)7736 168237.

If you genuinely wish to buy The Dalmore Trinitas 64, register your interest here.


Sources: The Dalmore, The Whisky Exchange

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