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Sydney, Australia – May 17, 2018 - East Coast Liquor has gained the exclusive distribution rights for Velier rums in Australia and is joined by Tatu Kaarlas of Refined Vices to promote and distribute the brands nationally.

East Coast Liquor offers an exclusive range of products from La Maison & Velier, which will initially be available through East Coast Liquor wholesale and Liquor MOJO™ online retail for pre-order as of May, and select venues starting from June.

 Habitation Velier – the House of Pure Single Rum

From the Velier collection East Coast Liquor will launch the Habitation Velier range, featuring rums from Worthy Park and Hampden in Jamaica, and Foursquare and Mount Gay in Barbados. A project created by Velier’s owner, Luca Gargano, Habitation Velier is the world’s only range of Pure Single Rums acting as a reference point to the type of rum produced by each distillery’s unique pot still.

The term ‘Pure Single Rum’ defines a rum from a single distillery, distilled exclusively in pot stills.

The vintage Pure Single Rums are entirely aged in the tropics, ensuring a natural, accelerated aging compared to European ageing, at the expense of higher angels share.

Clairin - the Spirit of Haiti

A unique range of products from Haiti will also be available in four different expressions. Clairin is an artisanal sugarcane spirit, or rhum agricole, made from sugar cane juice with the exception of Clairin Le Rocher, which is made from syrup.

Similar to Mezcal, the process of making it is entirely organic and pesticide free;

  • hand cut, native grown sugarcane
  • spontaneous fermentation with no added yeasts
  • distilled in fire or steam heated pot stills, or in a pot with a small column, to bottling proof

Clairin is raw, flavourful, and as an all-natural spirit it is different from batch to batch, and is truly handmade the way it has been for the last 200 years.

In addition to Clairin and Habitation Velier, East Coast Liquor will offer a number of highly anticipated bottlings from Velier, including Foursquare Principia and Destino, and a very special bottling of Royal Navy Rum, the oldest blend of British Caribbean rums of the 21st Century.

Transcontinental Rum Line

Transcontinental Rum Line

From the La Maison du Whisky collection, the Transcontinental Rum Line Panama, Guadeloupe and Barbados rums will be available in limited quantities.

The Transcontinental Rum Line is inspired by rum casks' historical trips between the New World and the Old Continent. From the beginning of its production, rum has aways been shipped to Europe for nautical economical and technical reasons.

  • Nautical, because it permitted to avoid stagnant water consumption during lon transatlantic crossings.
  • Economical, since the angel share is lower and the rum matures more smoothly.
  • Technical, because the know-how of Cognac and Scotland's cellar masters plus the diversity of barrels allowed to create unique expressions.

For more information and media enquiries, please contact East Coast Liquor. Follow Velier Australia on Facebook and Instagram @velieraustralia for all things rum!



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