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You may recall reading a news article about Renegade Rums some time ago. I have now received more information about these rums, including tasting notes that are at the end of this news article.

As said in the previous news article, Renegade Rum is a brand created by the independend bottler, Murray McDavid who over three years ago decided to venture into the world of rum.

They tracked down casks from a select group of single distilleries from the Caribbean and the Americas, some of which have either closed down or changed production location.

Renegade Rum combines single distillery rum provenance, with their innovative cask expertise. These rums are originally matured in American oak casks and then additionally matured in exceptional quality wine, madeira or port casks for extra complexity and texture.

These vintage aged limited edition rums are bottled naturally without chill-filtration - to retain natural cask flavours - at the Bruichladdich Distillery and reduced to 46% strength with Isle of Islay spring water. Renegade Rums are for the true spirit connoisseurs and intended to be savoured on their own.

Reneagade Rums

Guyana 1990 – Madeira

Guyana 1990

Colour: Dirty Blond

Body: Heavily oiled and sturdy

Nose: Soothing vanilla is first to sweep in with a spices and roasted chestnuts not far behind. An utterly refined subtle rum with dry wood, dates and cloves all swiftly pursued by juicy figs, a touch ginger cake and burnt sugar.

Palate: Layer after layer of fine flavour finesse. Smoky charcoal on entry, followed by an abundance of rich dark chocolate, ripe plums, fat raisins, muscavado sugar, treacle toffee and marzipan. All work closely together to bring weighted balance and poise.

Finish: Lingering savoury finish that lasts and lasts.

Aged: 16 Years
Distillery: Enmore
Cask Type: Bourbon ACE'd in Madeira Casks. Limited Release 1180 Bottles.

Guyana 1995 – Y’quem

Guyana 1995

Colour: Bronze

Body: Light to medium, a high class rum that knows how to behave!

Nose: The American oak casks shine through first bringing vanilla, caramel and some citrus of lime and lemon notes through first. Soon more elegant note from the sauternes casks emerge including some teasing green fruits and delicate dried figs and sultanas before syrupy dates, prunes and toffee notes appear. An outstanding combination!

Palate: Sweet in the extreme, yet light with a biscuity backing. Sherbet with soft nougat is married with fresh coffee beans and a touch of white chocolate. Sweet toasted oak lingers before a burnt sugar and toffee apples leave you salivating for more.

Finish: Short, sweet and sensual.

Aged: 12 Years
Distillery: Uitvlught
Cask Type: Bourbon ACE'd in D'Yquem Casks. Limited Release 1300 Bottles.

Jamaica 1992 – Chateau La Tour

Jamaica 1992

Colour: Pink rose petals

Body: Medium, sleek rum in the laid back Jamaican style

Nose: Heady aromas of pot roasted strawberries infused with star anise and vanilla pods, flambéed bananas and toasted pancakes with maple syrup. Sweet toasted oak is only just present in the background, but is almost overcome by the sweet fruit and honeysuckle scents.

Palate: Light and beautifully sweet with toasted pine nuts and a roasted chestnuts at the fore front. Burnt sugar and smoky orange peel make an appearance toward the end and leave a pleasantly bitter aftertaste along with a more herbaceous and earthy tangs.

Finish: Earthy realism that is bold, unrestrained and entirely memorable.

Aged: 15 Years
Distillery: Hampden
Cask Type: Bourbon ACE'd in Chateau La tour Casks. Limited Release 1060 Bottles.

Panama 1997 – Port

Panama 1997

Colour: Polished Chestnut

Body: Medium to heavy with restrained viscosity

Nose: Highly aromatic with traces of baked apples with raisins and cinnamon, liquorice, caramelised pears and the sweet floral notes of meadowsweet and honey. Plums, strawberries and pomegranates denote the Port casks robust presence

Palate: A satisfying oil slick mouth coating sweetness on entry. This rum has a real mellow flavour of soft oak and more of the red fruits from the nose. Prunes, banana, red grapefruit and mild spices provide intensity and help enthral you in to falling in love with this vintage bottling.

Finish: Long, warming sugar cane aftertaste

Aged: 10 Years
Distillery: Don Jose
Cask Type: Bourbon ACE'd in Port Casks. Limited Release 1390 Bottles.

ACE = Additional Cask Evolution, Murray McDavid’s judicious supplementary maturation period in exceptional quality French oak, often for a few weeks or months, according to the expert guidance of master Distiller Jim McEwan, the spirit character and the wood provenance.

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