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Earlier this year the first small-batch limited edition rums by Renegade Rum Company were released that included two vintages from Guyana and one from Jamaica and Panama.

The 2008 collection of the Renegade Rum Company's new bottlings have been released. This is the second limited small-batch release from Renegade Rum Company so far where each of the six bottlings is from a single estate and single vintage featuring also rare stocks from stills that no longer exist.

In addition to the standard American oak bourbon barrel maturation, the rums have been further matured in French Bordeaux' 'First Growth' oak casks previously used to age wine or port.

The 2008 release is limited to specialist spirit retailers because there are only 900 to 1500 numbered bottles of each rum for worldwide distribution.

Each of the rums are bottled on the Isle of Islay at 46% without colouring or chill-filtration.

Renegade Rums second release

1988 Guyana, Enmore

1988 Guyana

Age: 19
Cask type: American Oak / Chateau Latour Casks

Limited Release of 1020 bottles
Suggested retail price: £54.99 $125

1991 Trinidad, Angostura

1991 Trinidad

Age: 16
Cask type: American Oak / Chateua Lafite Casks

Limited Release of 1200 bottles
Suggested retail price: £46.99 $105

1995 Panama, Don Jose

1995 Panama

Age: 13
Cask type: American Oak / Chateau Lafite Casks

Limited Release of 1080 bottles
Suggested retail price: £42.99 $95

1996 Grenada, Westerhall

1996 Grenada

Age: 11
Cask type: American Oak / Chateau Haut Brion Casks
Limited Release of 1260 bottles
Suggested retail price: £42.99 $95

2000 Jamaica, Hampden

2000 Jamaica

Age: 8
Cask type: American Oak / Chateuau Climens Casks

Limited Release of 1500 bottles
Suggested retail price: £36.99 $85

2000 Barbados, Black Rock

2000 Barbados

Age: 8
Cask type: American Oak / Vintage Port Casks

Limited Release of 1590 bottles
Suggested retail price: £36.99 $85

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